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Trainee on INSPIRE-OpenStreetMap integration

Dear all,
as you might have already seen, the Digital Economy Unit of the JRC has opened a position for a trainee to join the team working on the implementation of INSPIRE. In particular, the trainee will investigate the possible synergies between the INSPIRE and OpenStreetMap (OSM) data ecosystems, including the feasibility of developing an OSM encoding for INSPIRE data. The trainee will also assess the pros and cons of the transformation, technical and organisational barriers and challenges encountered, as well as usability issues solved. Deadline for application is 10/01/2020.

Candidates shall have a Masters/PhD degree, or be enrolled in a PhD degree or in the final year of a Masters degree in Geoinformation Science, Geomatics, Computer Science, or a related discipline.

More information, including links to the the full vacancy description and the application page, is available at

Please share this invitation with potentially interested people.

In parallel, we would appreciate getting feedback and suggestions on the INSPIRE-OSM comparison, in particular on:
- specific data sets/data themes, tasks or use cases the work should focus on
- specific experiences or works (either by you or that you are aware of) on INSPIRE-OSM integration.

Best regards,


  • Alessandro SARRETTA

    By Alessandro SARRETTA

    Hi Marco,

    I'm very interested in the INSPIRE/OSM topic both from the conceptual and the implementational point of view.

    There are many links between INSPIRE and OpenStreetMap that might be envisioned and studied on various of the INSPIRE Data Themes and clear benefits from both sides to be investigated and stimulated.

    I'd be interested in contributing to a session or workshop during the INSPIRE Conference 2020 to present and discuss current examples of synergies and opportunities. This might be organised as a session with a few presentations on existing experiences/case studies or maybe as a workshop where INSPIRE and OSM are presented and compared and where possible technical solutions and community initiatives are discussed with experts and the audience.

    Are you organising something similar for the conference and/or are any others interested in contributing to such a session/workshop?

    Looking forward to hearing your view on that.