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How to validate INSPIRE Annex II and Annex III datasets?

Dear all,

I came across this very interesting discussion related to the validation of INSPIRE Annex II and Annex III datasets ( )

and I think it is useful to share with the entire community.

Meanwhile the ATSs/ETSs for the Annex II & III data themes are under development, it is recommended to follow steps below for the Annex II & III datasets validation:

Step 1:

Use the ETF  generic conformance classes available under the group "Interoperable data sets in GML (Guidelines for the Encoding of Spatial Data version 3.3)" to validate the common requirements.



Step 2:

manually check the respect of the theme-specific requirements in COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1253/2013

do not forget to add the following pair of values "" in the <xsi:schemaLocation> attribute of your gml file, in addition to the pair of values related to the INSPIRE application schema.


Hope this helps


  • Marco MINGHINI

    By Marco MINGHINI

    Thanks Stefania, this is indeed very useful and we recommend to start testing Annex II / III datasets using this approach.

    I would like to add that we are working on the development of ATS and ETS for Annex II / III Data Specifications. They will be added incrementally over the next months to the INSPIRE Reference Validator (for each theme/application schema), as soon as they will be ready for testing.

  • Emmanuel Verigos

    By Emmanuel Verigos

    In addition to this very interesting discussion I would like to underline the need to compose (or approve) conformance tables for Supplementary regulations and HILUCS values among EU members. Planned land use (annex III) is a very complex topic with specific requirements. Extensions could be avoided.

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Stefania,

    Many thanks for this useful information, since may guide data providers while ATS and ETS for Annex II / III Data Specifications are not available.

    @Marco - Is there any specific plan scheduled to have the different Annex II / III data themes ATS and ETS running in the ETF Validator?

    Thank you.