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Semi automatic transformation mapping from TG MD 1.3 to TG 2.0

Any experience with semi automatic transformation of your metadata from TG 1.3 to TG 2.0?

We were wondering, whether you are not aware about some machine processable implementation of the mapping for Requirements in previous TG versions (Annex F - pages 174-177)  

  • Jose Miguel RUBIO IGLESIAS

    By Jose Miguel RUBIO IGLESIAS

    Hi Martin, 

    I posted yesterday in the Forum some guidance from GNW, an example XSLT conversion process that can be applied to metadata records and adapted to your own encoding rules as well as some examples from some countries and agencies such as the EEA.


  • Antonio ROTUNDO

    By Antonio ROTUNDO

    Dear Martin,

    A few days ago our solution (RNDT metadata converter) was released in order to support spatial data and services providers in the transformation of metadata from TG 1.3 to TG 2.0 (including the national extensions).

    It uses the parameters (that can be customized) organizationName (from a list of PAs feeding the national catalogue), maxRecords and startPosition as input to make a CSW GetRecords request. The GetRecords response (based on TG 1.3) is then transformed through a XSLT script into TG 2.0 metadata. The output is a zip folder including:

    • the CSW GetRecords response (based on TG 1.3);
    • the CSW GetRecords response (transformed into TG 2.0);
    • a zip folder including the individual metadata records (transformed into TG 2.0);
    • a ReadMe file with a short description of the folder content.

    The source code of the solution will be shared and published on the GitHub repository of my organisation in the next few days. I'll keep you informed.

  • Martin TUCHYNA

    By Martin TUCHYNA

    Dear Jose Miguel and Antonio.

    Thanks a lot for your contributions.

    @Antonio: Thanks in advance for the update about the shared source for your solution.

  • Antonio ROTUNDO

    By Antonio ROTUNDO

    Dear Martin, all, 

    Now the source code of the Italian RNDT metadata converter is available at

    Any feedback will be welcome!

  • Martin TUCHYNA

    By Martin TUCHYNA

    Dear Antonio,

    thanks a lot for the documentation, including english version. We will check it and will share the feedback asap.

    Cheers, Martin.