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Important news on the INSPIRE registry service and the Re3gistry software

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Dear INSPIRE users,
We would like to provide you some important information related to the INSPIRE registry service and the roadmap for the Re3gistry software.
Re3gistry software v.2
We are currently finalizing the system following the feedback received during the tested period [1] (ending on the 31st of March). The plan is to release v2 of the Re3gistry software as open source project by June 2020.
INSPIRE registry service
In order to comply with the rules provided by our ICT Governance, we need to force the HTTPS protocol on the central INSPIRE registry service from 31 March. This means that all HTTP requests will be automatically redirected to HTTPS. The reference to items in the registry will still be implemented using HTTP URIs. Our reverse proxy will take care of the automatic redirection to HTTPS. If you have tools or applications accessing the registry, please make sure that they are capable of handling such redirects correctly.
We are also planning to deploy the new v2 of the Re3gistry software for the INSPIRE registry service before the summer. For users or applications accessing items in the registry, this change will be transparent.
We are available should you need further information.
Best regards,

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