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INSPIRE identifiers: guidance for the INSPIRE Priority Datasets in the 'Nature' Environmental Domain

Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to this very interesting discussion in the INSPIRE & Environmental Policy section, facing the key topic of clear rules, possibly agreed at European level and crosscutting to the different environmental legislation, for the creation of INSPIRE Persistent identifiers (PIDs) for the priority datasets.

How to create and manage standardised PIDs for INSPIRE resources is becoming even more central with the reuse of INSPIRE data specifications / the reference to INSPIRE data in the environmental reporting (CDDA, Natura2000, IAS, EU Registry, END, WFD, Floods Directive .. just to mention a few of them already operational or upcoming) requiring the INSPIRE identifiers of the reported spatial objects to be known to the environmental reporters .

In the above-mentioned post, you will find

  • the link to a very interesting document related to management of resolvable identifiers in Austria
  • an encoding example for priority dataset no. 36,01 in the Rolling priority list of data sets v2.0. (ref. the Nitrate Directive) that I find noteworthy: 
    • InspireId.namespace in the form of http URIs (e.g. namespace:
    • gml:identifier = concatenation of InspireId.namespace and InspireId.localId (concatenated URL)

It would be important to share - also in this platform - experiences in the different Member States and maybe come up with a proposal for the development of a common strategy / good practice.

What is your experience?  What are the specific rules (if any) in your country? Are you aware of any issue in collecting InspireIds for environmental reporting purposes?

All the best,


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