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Manage specific values for hazard categories in a database about landslides, floods and sinkholes

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Alessandro SARRETTA
By Alessandro SARRETTA Replies (4)

Dear all,
in our Institute (CNR-IRPI we've developed a database to store, organize and manage geo-hydrological hazards (
Some views in the DB have been created so that relevant feature types can be extracted following INSPIRE Natural Risk Zones data specifications (some details in this article:
There are anyway a few details that we'd like to solve to have better compatibility with INSPIRE models.
In particular, the code list NaturalHazardCategoryValue contains several values (, including flood and landslide, which are in our database.
We also have detailed specific classifications for floods and landslides: is it correct that, in this case, we can define these specific values in specificHazardType and, therefore, have both the hazardCategory=flood|landslide and specificHazardType=<specific value>?
We have another type of hazard, sinkhole. It could be defined with the generic category other geological / hydrological hazard.  Given that we also have classifications with detailed specific types of sinkholes, should we have both the hazardCategory=other geological / hydrological hazard and specificHazardType=<specific value>? Would it be possible instead to extend the hazardCategory with a specific sinkhole value? Are there any examples of Data Specification Extensions for the Natural Risk Zones theme?
Thank you very much for any suggestion.

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