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Error in the Environmental Management Facilities application schema

The us-emf application schema in the official repository ( is missing the type definition  for the element "EnvironmentalManagementFacility" . This means that, using the official schema, it is not possible to provide the environmental management facilities spatial objects.

Schema fixing is quite straightforward (and hopefully the official schema will be fixed asap):

replace the current definition

<element name="EnvironmentalManagementFacility" substitutionGroup="act-core:ActivityComplex">

with the following

<element name="EnvironmentalManagementFacility" substitutionGroup="act-core:ActivityComplex" type="us-emf:EnvironmentalManagementFacilityType">.

I realised that there is a Forum resource (file upload) already  mentioning this issue and providing a link to a corrected application schema. 

Hope this helps,


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