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Energy Resources: Missing nilReason for dateOfDetermination and dateOfDiscovery

Johanna Ott
By Johanna Ott Replies (1)

Hi everybody,

I think the Energy Resources vector schema has issues concerning two properties that are defined differently in the according UML model
1. RenewableAndWasteResource.dateOfDetermination: is missing value 'true' for nillable attribute and is missing nilReason definition
2. FossilFuelResource.dateOfDiscovery: is missing nilReason definition (attribute nillable is set to 'true' for it though)

All the best


  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Johanna,

    while we formally cannot help, I have added this bug to our ever growing list that we'll try and thematize at this summer's MIG Meeting.

    For the moment can only advise to set nilable to true where possible, and if you must provide erroneous data to fulfill requirements please put in something SO erroneous that it's clear to all! ;)



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