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The API4INSPIRE Project is currently evaluating both the OGC API - Features and OGC SensorThings API Standards for utilization within INSPIRE. In the course of this project, together with our data providers, we are deploying diverse API endpoints in accordance with both of these standards both to gain a better understanding of deployment challenges as well as to provide an opportunity for experimentation with these APIs. We will be presenting this work together with descriptions of the two APIs under consideration during our upcoming workshop at the virtual INSPIRE Conference on June 11th at 2pm CET: * For further information on the API4INSPIRE project, check out our web site at: * We look forward to hearing from you either at our workshop, or via this forum!

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    By Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Kathi,

    Hope there has been good progress in the project since the workshop at the INSPIRE 2020 Online Conference.

    Are there any news, advances and/or API endpoints that could be interesting to highlight for our audience?