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OGC API Features / alternative encodings webinar at virtual INSPIRE 2020

Paul van Genuchten
By Paul van Genuchten Replies (1)

Thank you for joining the webinar. Thanks to the speakers for sharing their thoughts.  This topic provides a space for continued discussion related to the work presented.

These discussion topics are in scope:

- Do we expect a future for WFS now OAPI-Features becomes available. It was suggested both can thrive for different use cases and audiences.

- Various encodings are optimal for specific use cases. GML for middleware, GeoJSON for sharing small simple vector, GeoPackage for Desktop GIS, Protobuf for visualisations, html for direct human consumption. Should good practice documents identify these cases?

- Some encodings and use cases require simplified (flattened) data structures. Is it a role of INSPIRE data providers to facilitate these cases, or should they be managed centrally?

- Search engines will soon list individual features as html pages. What does such a page look like. Does it have an origanisation logo, a link to a privacy policy, etc? OGC delegates this to the implementers, the implementers to the data publishers.

- Use of URI's becomes more prominent in new API's. How will this impact identification persistence and versioning?

- GeoServer has support for OGC API Features as a community plugin, work&funding are required to promote this to the core product. At some point it will land in the core product. As a GeoServer Admin you will have to decide to en/disable the service. Enabling it will expose data to a wider audience. Are you prepared? Note that a similar story applies to all current GIS Server products.