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use pygeoapi to provide data according to INSPIRE download service

Paul van Genuchten is a relatively new, actively developed, opensource software package providing OGC API's for various data formats. JRC prepared a draft document on how to use OGC API Features as INSPIRE download service according to regulations. Combining the two aspects makes pygeoapi a very suitable candidate to expose datasets as download service. OGC API is very developer friendly, providing download service as OGC API is a guarantee for ease of data access. pygeoapi is build around modern web conventions, builds on proven web api packages from the python domain and scales smoothly on modern cloud environments.

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The pygeoapi team is also actively developing support for OGC API Tiles and OGC API Records, which as expected can soon be used as INSPIRE View & Discovery services.

In this thread we like to collect experiences of data providers using pygeoapi as INSPIRE download, view and discovery services. We would like to work with you to research exposing app-schema INSPIRE data along the INSPIRE data models through OGC API, including support for alternative encodings, for example json-ld, GeoPackage and HTML+microdata. 

Check out the demo at

Some of this work has been presented at the virtual INSPIRE conference in 2020.