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ManagementRestrictionOrRegulationZone.competentAuthority voidable but role mandatory?

According to, ManagementRestrictionOrRegulationZone.competentAuthority is voidable. But according to the IR (, "The role attribute of the competentAuthority shall take the value ‘authority’." Also, when using the AM specific tests in the staging version of the INSPIRE Validator and competentAuthotity is null with a nilReason, it returns a validation error: "XML document [...], ManagementRestrictionOrRegulationZone [...]: The property 'competentAuthority/RelatedParty/role' shall be provided." Similar issue for the association 'legalBasis' that is voidable according to the UML model but the IR contains the constraint "At least the most specific legal instrument that required the establishment of zone shall be provided using the legalBasis association role." Both cases are contradictory to me. Either a value needs to be provided for an attribut/association or it is voidable. Could someone please clarify how to handle these cases?

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Fabio,

    nice to see progress on this! Quick question (just to be sure ;) ) - by "the legalBasis association is void" - I'm assuming you mean the legalBasis entry has been provided with xsi:nil="true" and nilReason,

    "void" is a bit like "null" vs. "nil", lots of subtly different ways of saying nothing



  • Fabio VINCI

    Hi Kathi,

    yes, that's what I meant.
    And, due to the fact that the nilReason is "only" recommended by TG, the following encoding:

    <am:legalBasis xsi:nil="true"/>

    passes the test.


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