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Technical questions regarding and examples for the handling of registries and their entries.

The data specification soil does not define many parameters and codelists with valid values for them (if necessary). Extensions to the parameter lists ProfileElementParameterNameValue, SoilDerivedObjectParameterNameValue, SoilProfileParameterNameValue and SoilSiteParameterNameValue and the codelists possibly necessary for some of the parameters are to be published in a so-called registry. The JRC has set up a registry for all lists that were published in the INSPIRE process (a ‘sandbox’ you can find here:  

Technical questions regarding and examples for the handling of registries and their entries.

Please ask technical questions or give your technical examples in this thread. Discussions about other tasks about handling of parameter list and codelists see other threads.

  • Lucie KONDROVA

    By Lucie KONDROVA

    Dear all,

    is the WRB Reference Soil Group codelist available somewhere as terms with URIs to be used in the INSPIRE data? I've only found this entry in the INSPIRE registry: but it does not list the URIs.

    Thanks for any help with this,

    Lucie Kondrova, CGS.



    Dear Lucie, 

    an issue to include the missing values has been posted within the 'MIG' s Central INSPIRE registers and register federation space'.

    You can follow the approval and implementation process at : 

    Lorena Hernandez on behalf of the INSPIRE Registry team.

  • Florian Hoedt


    We would need to add many Entries to

    Is this the correct thread to discuss the process? Are the above links still valid (over 500 days old)?


  • Stefania MORRONE

    By Stefania MORRONE

    Hi Florian,

    please have a look at the selected highlight page "How to extend INSPIRE code lists".

    You might as well search the Forum for discussions with TC-Code-list tag.

    Hope this helps


  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Dear all,

    FYI, we've been working on soil codelists in the context of work towards the FAO Global Soil Information System (GloSIS). As a part of this work, we extracted many of the code lists required for the provision of soil properties from the FAO guidance documents, now have then electronically in a DB, for the first data model deliverable we generated a GML data dictionary, but can flexibly generate whatever formats would be required. I believe that these resources would cover a great deal of the gaps in the existing INSPIRE code lists for soil.

    However, we'd need some sort of concerted community activity for this undertaking (we need some sort of official mandate). To my understanding, the most suitable community for this would be the EEA NRC Soil, but if there are other communities out there willing to take the lead on this, please stand up!

    The sooner we have agreed code lists for the various soil properties, the better the data provided will be harmonizable.



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