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Avoiding duplication of parameter list entries

By Einar EBERHARDT Replies (1)

The data specification soil does not define many parameters and codelists with valid values for them (if necessary). Extensions to the parameter lists ProfileElementParameterNameValue, SoilDerivedObjectParameterNameValue, SoilProfileParameterNameValue and SoilSiteParameterNameValue and the codelists have to be made by the data provider.

If any data provider sets up a registry and defines parameter name values, this might end up with having several names for the same parameter.

There are several ways of tackling (part of) the problem. Some of them can be outlined as follows:
 We collect parameters needed in this forum and implement them in only one registry that can be used by all of us. Some rules on producing parameter names could then be helpful. Alternatively, everybody sets up the registry and fills parameter lists, but gives a link and a list of parameters here, so that everybody knows what already exists.
Looking forward to a vivid discussion about this.

  • Tomas LINDBERG

    By Tomas LINDBERG

    So far Sweden has added a number of parameter names that we plan to deliver in SoilDerivedObjectParameterNameValue. We have not put up a registry for this but only added the labels to the basic inspire uri.

    I upload a file with the additional parameters as an example (see SGU_SoilDerivedOjectParameterNameValue_additions in "Group files" in the top right).


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