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Adopted WebMercator as possible CRS: finally yes/no?

Dears, In 2018, the topic for adopting the WebMercator as possible CRS has been discussed at the MIG. Knowing that the proposed CRS (EPSG: 3857) is great for visualizing on computers but not reliable for data storage or analysis, since the transformation between the ellipsoid and the sphere used in Web Mercator is not unique2.. The proposed geographic grid is not equal area and is not fully conformal. The conclusion has remained unclear to me, in the way that it would not be forbidden and that it might be proposed to JRC to endorse the CRS. The conclusion was also to create a registry of all allowed CRS. (not found..). So what is your perception yes/no? Nathalie Delattre

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Nathalie,

    Thank you very much for your question.

    Do you have an approximate idea on the month it was discussed by MIG?

    Otherwise I will check all the meeting minutes from 2018.


  • Nathalie DELATTRE

    By Nathalie DELATTRE

    Dear Jordi,

    2 paper discussions  has been taken at the MIG-T meeting of April 2018.  One on possible adoption of national CRS and the other one on Web mercator CRS ( widely used).

    The final conclusion could have been at the MIG the following : no change in the IR and TG, but well a registry of adopted CRS. Candidate CRS should be endorsed by the JRC. But I do not see any registry in that matter.

    Sending you the discussion paper.

    Kind regards


  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Nathalie,

    Many thanks for this accurate information. 

    I will check with JRC for any progress on the implementation of the INSPIRE CRSs Registry. This sould have been pushed by France (Member State that proposed it). 

    However, having had a look at the meeting minutes from April 2018, the possibility to use Web Mercator (e.g. Spherical Mercator Grid) as an additional grid system should have been developed and discussed using the good practice procedure. I guess that any progress on this matter is linked to the  potential drafting of this good practice procedure. 

    All the best,


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