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Provision of noise exposure delineation Priority Datasets under the Human Health and Safety data theme (Environmental Health Determinant Measure spatial objects)

Dear all,

In the streamlining process of the environmental reporting, the European Environment Agency has re-designed the Environmental Noise Directive reporting and aligned it to the INSPIRE Directive, so that all the data flows requiring spatial information are based on relevant INSPIRE data themes, namely AM, TN, HH (find more at the INSPIRE Conference 2020 website -  Pan-European datasets management, visualisation and dissemination session).

In the revised reporting data model, the Noise Contours of the Strategic Noise Maps will be provided as  INSPIRE Environmental Health Determinant Measure spatial objects, as  per the (approved) IR change proposal to the HH data model (more on the IR change proposal in this Forum post ).

Meanwhile waiting for the revised END reporting to become operational, and for the HH schema to be updated, find in the below snippets some of the encoding proposals that will be recommended in the revised END reporting data model and that you can already provide under the current schema  :


fill in with the period when the noise contour maps were calculated

Encoding example (in case the period = 1 year):


<gml:TimePeriod gml:id="NoiseMapCalculationPeriod1">



</gml:TimePeriod> </hh:measureTime>


+validFrom and +validTo  

fill in with the period of the actual reporting cycle of strategic noise maps – noise contours as validity period validFrom / validTo or to provide voidable information.


for the next reporting cycle the following dates are recommended:




Similar HH encoding examples can already be found at the INSPIRE Geoportal e.g. in the relevant END Priority Datasets provided by Denmark.

Kind regards,