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SpeciesDistribuionUnit and referenceSpeciesId specification

Hello Everyone, I have data about the distribution of a species in a regular grid where the information is the presence or absence of the species (the value can be present or absent). In the Species Distribution scheme has the feature type SpeciesDistribuionUnit which should be right for my purpose. I have a doubt about the referenceSpeciesId that is a codelist and, if I've well understood, is the code full code of the species depending on the reference species scheme (i. eu-nomen). I have a field in my source data (which is a shapefile) in which I've inserted the eu-nomen id for that species (i.e. I've associated the href of the referenceSpeciesid with the field of the shapefile through the Rename function. Is it right? In Hale, I've got a warming "Value '' not found in associated code list.

In addition I've a doubt about the geometry. My source data is based on a regular grid which is the EEA reference grid. In the TG on page 36 in specified "As information on Species Distribution is most likely aggregated using grids or polygons, even polygons from other themes (e.g. administrative, statistical, bio-geographical or other analytical units), there is a possibility to link to an abstract feature (AbstractFeature) via the association spatialObject". However, I can't figure out how this can be done. For now I've simply associated the geom of the shapefile with the geometry of the target schema by the rename function. Thanks in advance

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