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This question came in from the EU project called the Celtic Seas Partnership (  who have several areas of uncertainty pertaining to INSPIRE implementation.  They relate to the MSFD and the work the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is undertaking. 

The BODC role in the project  is to provide a web portal to give end-users access to data/information to support cross-border implementation of the MSFD for the Celtic Seas.  The web portal would allow the user to discover MSFD relevant datasets and the backend source of information would be a metadatabase of the data held across the Celtic Seas  by member states and devolved administrations. I have attached the high level spec for this work for a better idea of what we propose. As part of this work, we will be making BODC oceanographic data available through INSPIRE view and download services and also converting the content of the meta database to Linked Data.

These are the questions raised by the Celtic Seas Project and my answers:

  • Q1: Am I correct in thinking we need to use INSPIRE  EMF specification for the metadatabase?
    • A1: Looking at the Celtic seas specification you attached I would say no.  Firstly EMF is a data specification and not a metadata specification.  EMF (like all Inspire data specs) can have its own metadata, but these are typically minor extensions to the generic inspire discovery metadata.  However, what you may want to consider is the linking between EMF data sets (these describe the observation and measurement process) and the Inspire datasets that contain the outputs from this observation (typically OF – temp, salinity etc.).  You may even be able to use the UK_EOF catalogue as the basis of the EF data
  • Q2: Is there a definitive list of attributes required for INSPIRE compliant view and download services?
    • A2: This varies Inspire theme to theme.  Although the services themselves have certain ‘attributes’ i.e. conformity to OGC services such as WMS, WFS etc the content delivered by this service varies theme be them.  All data will have standard (same) geometric and temporal attributes though.
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