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BuildingsExtendedBase and BuildingsExtended2D XSD schemas

Dear all,

As I said few times before, BuildingsBase application schemas are flat enough to have any real impact. It doesn't even have links to parcels or addreses. Therefore it was neccessary to use BuildingsExtended application schema, but there were no XSD files. As a result of a grant project in the Czech Technical University I have created XSD schemas for application schemas BuildingsExtendedBase and BuildingsExtended2D.

Truth is that there are still some revisions have to be held, but the schemas are valid, stable and copying content of application schemas desribed in the Data specification for Buildings version 3.0. Right now we are setting up our INSPIRE datasets and services based on these schemas.

There are some issues that had to be solved a little different. According to data specification, BuildingsExtended2D::Building and BuildingsExtended2D::BuildingPart shall inherit from two ancestors -- BuildingsExtendedBase::BuildingsInfo and BuildingsBase2D::Building/BuildingPart -- which is in XSD technically impossible. Therefore I had to instantiate BuildingsInfo and add it to BuildingsExtended2D::Building/BuildingPart as an attribute.

I would really appreciate if you all who tries to implement Buidlings in a proper way to have a look at our schemas and use it as well for better interoperability. Of course, I'm glad for all reported problems and recommended or applied changes.

As far as I know there is still no progress in JRC with development of these schemas. This way I encourage JRC workers to feel free to use my schemas as a basis.

Unfortunately there is no way to add files here, therefore I have to upload it to the internet and share link.

Michal Med