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OS Open Names - comments welcome


We have launched OS Open Names. We believe it is INSPIRE compliant in structure, although at present it is only available in British National Grid. We make the same data available as a CSV file.

We have extended the INSPIRE NamedPlace feature with a number of additional association properties, providing an explicit context for the feature in relation to administrative units, or indicating the related road feature, and with references out to GeoNames and DBPedia. I would be interested in comments about the way we encode these outward pointing links, even though they are not part of the INSPIRE model.

I'm less sure about providing post code areas as NamedPlaces (because I can't see post code as a proper noun), but the key use case (gazetteer) benefits from post code search (at least in the UK, where post codes cover a small number of addresses, so are often used in route finding).

Information (including links to spec & schema):

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