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Extensibility of code lists in INSPIRE EF

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Hi all,

I noticed that the extensibility of some of the code lists in INSPIRE EF is different between the Technical Guidelines, Implementing Rules and other resources. In the Implementing Rules, all code lists are provided with the following definition: "The allowed values for this code list comprise any values defined by data providers." And in addition for 5 code lists: "Data providers may use the values specified in the INSPIRE Technical Guidance document on Environmental Monitoring Facilities."
The writing in the IR is inline with the extensibility "any ("Empty code list)" in the INSPIRE code list register (No values are specified for this code list in this register, i.e. its allowed values comprise any values defined by data providers.).

There are some problems:

1. The code lists ProcessTypeValue, ResultAcquisitionSourceValue, MeasurementRegimeVaue, ResultNatureValue, MediaValue are marked in the Technical Guidelines (page 28) and in the Consolidated UML data model (html preview) with extensibility none which is contradicting with the definition in the Implementing Rules and in the INSPIRE code list register (set to "any (Empty code list)").

2. Two code lists are not included in the INSPIRE EF Technical Guidelines Annex C despite that the description in the chapter 5 points to the Annex C. Those code lists are: SpecialisedEMFTypeValue and PurposeOfCollectionValue.

Could these misalignments be corrected?

Kind regards,




  • Leire LEOZ

    Hi all,

    Along the lines of Darja analysis, we think that this table clarifies comparison because it shows at a glance certain inconsistencies found for the extensibility of INSPIRE EF code lists between different materials.

    Could somebody help us with these misalignments?


    Pedro & Leire


  • Alessandro SARRETTA

    By Alessandro SARRETTA

    Regarding point 1 raised by Darja, I think that the choice should be to align all the resources with the extensibility "none" written in the UML model. In this case I guess that something went wrong in the translation from UML to feature catalogue and then TG and IR. The values of the codelists should also be added in the INSPIRE Registry.

    Regarding point 2, the SpecialisedEMFTypeValue and PurposeOfCollectionValue codelists don't have any mandated value, so probably the sentence "Annex C includes recommended values that may be used by data providers." at pages 38 and 39 (sections PurposeOfCollectionValue and SpecialisedEMFTypeValue) should be removed.

    What are your views on that?

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