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INSPIRE ID in the observation object


Quick questions looking at the UML of O&M. I guess that those more deeply into O&M will have a explanation for it. :-)

1) Looking at the EMF Model and schema I wonder why there is no INSPIRE Identifier (External object identifier) on the Observation object? Would make sense to have it there, wouldn't it?

2) As second step I was looking at the O&M UML on the INSPIRE site. There are indeed INSPIRE Identifier on the "Procedure" and "Observation References" objects. This goes back to point 1) but I was furthermore wondering what is the association between "Observation References" which has a INSPIRE Identifier and "Observation"? It is not really clear from the UML but it became clear looking in the schema. Maybe to be corrected in the UML?




  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Chris,

    we considered adding the INSPIRE ID to the O&M Observation, but didn't as we wanted to be sure that we don't modify it too much in order to be able to provide it using SOS. Thus, we decided it's better to just use the gml:id for identification of an observation.

    "Procedure" and "Observation References" objects were defined from scratch within INSPIRE, thus the INSPIRE Ids



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