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National implementation plans (roadmap)

Finnish data providers, with obligations in the Land Use theme, prepared and published an implementation plan for the implementation of the INSPIRE Land Use data specification in May 2014. Link to the report (In Finnish)

The group recommended the following roadmap:

  • The Ministry of the Environment should take actions to support the reclassification of national plan markings to the corresponding INSPIRE classifications. The correspondences between the national plan markings (classification) in use versus the HILUCS and HSRCL code lists should be investigated. Guidelines should be published to ensure future INSPIRE compliancy. A matching table should be published in digital form and the maintenance of it should be agreed upon.
  • The Ministry of the Environment should also care for appropriate national code lists to be set up and that the maintenance of them is clear.
  • Regarding the identifiers, the Ministry of the Environment and the INSPIRE Coordination Body of Finland should in detail provide guidelines to the planning authorities on municipal and regional level on how to generate id:s in an interoperable way, based on the national recommendation (JHS) on Unique identifiers in geographical information.
  • Different Ministries should financially support joint ventures (projects) that support the implementation of the Land Use theme, for example activities between Municipalities and between Regional Councils. These kinds of projects would increase INSPIRE awareness, support a resource-effective implementation of land use data sets and indent the parties to cooperate to achieve INSPIRE compliancy
  • Regarding existing land use, the need to produce an existing land use dataset could be investigated as part of a suggested Land Cover investigation
  • The Finnish Council of Geographical Information could if needed appoint a group of people to follow-up and to support these listed actions and the implementation of the obligations set related to the INSPIRE Land Use theme

Have you made similar theme-specific implementation plans or roadmap in your country?

Have you already set up national code lists and agreed upon their maintenance to support the implementation of the Land Use Specification?

  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    By Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Hi Julian,

    Based on your previous discussions (here and here) it seems you have some kind of implementation roadmap and coordination body in Spain both for ELU and PLU. It would be very useful to others if you could describe your roadmap and recommendations here and link to appropriate documentation.

    Please let us also know if you have set up any national code lists and agreed upon the responsibilities regarding their maintenance already?

    Best regards,



  • Julián DELGADO

    By Julián DELGADO

    Hi Lena

    In Spain, we have a Directive Council of Geographic Information Infrastructure (called in Spanish CODIIGE). This council was created in 2010 by means of the National transposition of INSPIRE Directive, carried out by the National Law LISIGE 14/2010

    Documentation about CODIIGE and LISIGE law (in Spanish)

    CODIIGE embraces the main tasks related with adoption, reporting, transformation, dialoguing between entities, etc. for all INSPRIE themes. To do that, CODIIGE established a group of experts for each thematic area and transversal issues. These groups are composed for national experts from public administrations at national and regional levels. Also in these themes are representatives from data provider for the main public data. I’m in charge of secretary for LC/LU group. We joined both themes into one for practical reasons, but with the objective to generate INSPIRE data individually for both themes.

    For the moment, and after INSPIRE head chiefs recommendations in 2016, to cover the national territory with at least one dataset to provide answers for European environmental actions, we decided to prioritize the work and effort in current and next months. During 2016 we are transforming and publishing national LC/LU system (SIOSE, national coverage 1:25.000) for LC and Existing LU INSPIRE needs. Planned LU cannot be addressed with SIOSE. In 2017 we have to puss actions for rest of national and information systems.

    About technical issues:

    • For LU. We assume HILUCS nomenclature and HSRCL, no additional developments done. The problem here is the identification of data, especially for Planned LU because the national system can be complemented with local/regional data. And local planned LU data, normally are not easy accesible.

    My best regards


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