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SILC statistics as Inspire data?

Statistics Sweden has been asked to publish statistics from SILC (European Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) as Inspire data, within the theme Human health and safety, subtype General health statistics, Self-perceived health.

We think it is a problem that we have SILC-data only on national level. Therefore we cannot present it on NUTS-regions, or any other areas smaller than total Sweden.

Another problem is that the statistics are already presented in databases on the web. To put it in Inspire services will not add any extra information and therefore we can´t see the point in doing so.     

We would like to know how other countries have done with this type of data. What data do you use to present Self-perceived health? Do you use SILC-data?

I am also wondering about data on number of physicians, as an object within the sub-type Health service statistics. How do you present it, on grids or NUTS regions?

  • Bresters PIETER

    By Bresters PIETER

    Dear Karin,

    Statistics Netherlands is not intending to publish neither income nor living conditions statistics for INSPIRE.

    Our opinion is that, before publishing data according to INSPIRE one should first harmonise the data semantically on European level. As long as this has not been done, it does not make any sense to publish them conform the INSPIRE data specifications, since this is only a technical harmonisation.

    As far as I know, this semantic harmonisation has only been done for the themes Human Health and Population Demography in the Eurostat database with SDMX files, So it only makes sense to publish these SDMX files, but they are already published machine readable.

    If the data is already in machine readable databases on the web, like the SDMX files, our opinion is that this should remain so, though one could consider connecting these databases to a Table Joining Service to create OGC geoservices like INSPIRE asks.

    This last suggestion should be organised centrally to save all the member states a lot of money.


    By Karin HEDEKLINT

    Dear Pieter,

    thank you for your reply. I agree with you that statistics already published in the Eurostat database should be organised centrally, if they are to be connected to INSPIRE services as well.

    Are there any other countries who have given this a thought?

  • Bresters PIETER

    By Bresters PIETER

    Dear Karin,

    I have no real reactions on paper or E-mail, but I spoke with some spatial statistical experts on the INSPIRE conference in Lisbon. Most of them agreed with me.

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