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Different branches for AU

By Helen ERIKSSON Replies (1)

Some countries have two different types of branches for AU, one administrative and one cadastral branch. Sometimes a unit at a lower level can belong to two branches, which is not allowed in the current INSPIRE AU schema (association role upperLevelUnit has multiplicity 0..1).

How should these connections be described? Another problem related to this is that a unit on e.g. level five should belong to a unit on level four in the administrative branch and to a unit on level three in the cadastral branch, an example can be found in the attached file.


  • Michal MED

    In my oppinion, Cadastral branch of Administrative units isn't actually part of administrative units theme, but cadastral parcels theme. Truth is, that all of these units are syntactic (from cadastral units, you can 'fold' cadastral districts and from districts it is possible to fold municipalities). 

    There are much more units, like e.g. the territory of the cadastral branch office, which is folded by several municipalities, but according to the definition, it is NOT administrative unit. Administrative Units in our country are ONLY Country, Region, County and Municipality, the rest are units of another determination. We already created a service for UNITS (

    As far as i get it, administrative units theme shall contain only units, which can be considered as administrative.