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Order of coordinate axis in the Transverse Mercator projection (ETRS89-TMzn)

I want to draw your attention to the following discussion topic in the INSPIRE Forum. It highlights the different order of coordinates between the UTM or Gauss-Krüger projection used in many countries - with the (Easting; Northing) order - when compared with the Transverse Mercator projection (ETRS89-TMzn) proposed by INSPIRE for conformal pan-European mapping at scales larger than 1:500,000 - with the (Northing; Easting) order.

This shall be taken into account, because some relevant issues may appear, e.g.:

  • Need to transform existing data to the ETRS89-TMzn of INSPIRE.
  • Compatibility of the coordinate order in the software tools currently utilized in organizations.
  • Metadata of data sets using the (Easting; Northing) order does not pass the validation process in the INSPIRE metadata validator.

It would be interesting to share different plans or approaches put in practice in Member States to deal with this problem.

Please, feel free to contribute and share your experience in this new discussion topic: 


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