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Some Question About the OrthoImagerie Thematic


I must to use the INSPIRE model to comply my OrthoImage with the IR, but i have some questions about this model and how the data will be broadcast :

1. There is a system to create Tile ? i know that there was a problem with the WCS. This problem is solved now ?


2. About the WCS : the GML will be integrated in the WCS ?


Thank you all for you reply.


Pascal Filippi

Bordeaux metropole

  • James PASSMORE

    By James PASSMORE

    What problems did you have with tile creation in WCS previously, it's difficult to say whether that problem is fixed now.

    With regards GML.  Yes, you can in principle, add complex GML to the coverage information for WCS 2.0 if that's what you want/need to do, though as far as I know there is only one bit of software that currently can do this.




  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Pascal,

    Section in the TG on Orthoimagery (v3.0) explains the different possible concepts of "tiling":

    1) Tiling internally implemented in fiel formats (e.g. tiled TIFF).

    2) File-based tiling, to split a high-resolution orthoimage into manageable / composing parts.

    3) Logical tiling, corresponding to splitting of an orthoimage into logical structures (e.g. mapsheets, administrative units, regions, etc.).

    The first two concepts of tiling (1 and 2) are not in the scope of the INSPIRE data model, which correspond to the implementation level. The third concept (3), which correspond to a conceptual / logical level (not implementation level), is fully described in the INSPIRE data model by means of the orthoimage aggregation relationship (association). This is equivalent to having independent coverage files for each logical unit, but associated between them in order to composed an aggregated orthoimage. 

    Implementation level or external tiing (1 and 2) is explained in section of the document - Independent files also exist in this case, but this is transparent for users who finally get a single orthoimage.

    Regarding WCS, this type of service is really designed to get GML coverages from them, as James said.

    Could you describe your issues in more detail?

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Pascal,

    I assume that you finally solved your questions.

    Hence, I proceed to close this discussion topic.

    Please, send me a message through the platform if you wanyt to reformulate your questions.


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