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INSPIRE ID governance in the case of CLC

Christian ANSORGE
By Christian ANSORGE

We recently discussed the governance of PIDs in the framework of EEA Land Cover products. I am aware that this discussion is partly going beyond Land Cover but I consider this place still appropriate to start a discussion.

The issue we would like to discuss with you is steaming out of a wider discussion on governance of identifiers within INSPIRE and is partly specific to CLC were we have a 6 year update cycle with only a limited number of changes applied. With this post we would like to demonstrate the usage of localid, namespace and version (optional) on 3 cases and would be glad to get your feedback on it. 


Case 1

In this case neither the class nor the spatial object changes from 2006 to 2012.

Suggestion: In case neither the geometry nor the attributes of the spatial object has changed the id shall continue unchanged.


Case 2

In this case the spatial representation of the land cover object (real world phenomena = land cover) has not changed. But for some reason (e.g. grass land becomes pasture) the land cover classification of the real world object has changed, while the spatial object is still the same.

Suggestion: If the spatial object's geometry continues unchanged and it can assumed that it is still the same real world representation (land coverage parcel) the localid and namespace shall continue unchanged but a new version shall be used.


Case 3

In this case the spatial representation of the real world phenomena changes from 2006 - 20012 (one spatial object is shrinking while other grows) while the land cover classification keeps the same.

Suggestion: There are clearly different viewpoint on this issue. As the real world phenomena of the spatial object is continuing and just its geometry is changing it could be either handled as independent new ids or to use version. In the latter case the internal association to the previous (2006) spatial objects is still available, but a case by case decision has to be taken if the spatial object is still the same (just a different state in time) or not. As this is not feasible taken the quantity of changes into account it is suggested to introduce new localid and/or namespace in case of changes of geometry.


We are happy for your feedback and are looking forward for a discussion on these suggestions which will also affect other periodically updated products (e.g. Urban Atlas). It would also be useful to know if you already implemented ID government rules and to share them.


Thank you for your feedback and best regards!


Christian Ansorge

European Environment Agency

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