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How to deal with several ResidenceOfAuthority for same administrative unit?

Dominique LAURENT
By Dominique LAURENT Replies (2)

In France, some administrative units may have several ResidenceOfAuthority; for instance,  a "département" has  a residence of authority for the administrative unit itself (called "préfecture") and another residence of authority for the local authority (called "hôtel de département").

In order to distinguish these different types of  ResidenceOfAuthority, we had discussion within IGN France if we should extend the model by adding an attribute localType to the data type ResidenceOfAuthority or if we should include this information in the geographical name.

We chose second solution that was simple for us ... though the type of ResidenceOfAuthority is not stricto sensu a geographical name.

Some common guidelines might be useful as likely this issue is not specific to France (?)

See more detail in slides 14 and 15 of enclosed presentation). Transformation_AU_IGNF [Mode de compatibilité].pdf

  • Michal MED

    I think that the residenceOfAuthority for administrativeUnit feature shall be the main one (préfecture) and the other one can be either in geographical name, or, better, in new attribute in extended model. (Un)fortunatelly, we don't have this kind of problem :-)

  • Marcus Brühl

    This issue seems to be really relevant for some countries (although seldom), that the administration of a unit is located in more than one town – and all of them are of comparable importance. INSPIRE allows multiplicity for ResidenceOfAuthority [1..*]

    Dominique’s proposal, to add an attribute like localType (voidable?), is interesting. But I don’t think that it has a change for adoption.

    That’s why, I think the concatenation of the name and the type in attribute name is a feasible solution.