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Which administrativeHierarchyLevel for coastline?

Dominique LAURENT

In IGN France, we have considered the coastline as 1rst level administrative boundary, though it does not strictly fit with the INSPIRE definition: "Highest level in the national administrative hierarchy (country level)". In fact, the coastline is between France (land) and France (sea) and not between 2 different countries.

Proposal: make explicit in INSPIRE specification that the coastline is 1rst level administrative boundary.

  • Marcus Brühl

    For EuroBoundaryMap (EBM) we took a different solution: For coastal countries, which provide the administrative layer excluding the national territorial sea, the coastlines is specified as nationalLevel = 2ndOrder.

    The argumentation is the following: The national territory is not stopping at the coastlines, the attribution as 1stOrder would be misleading. The territorial sea is most probably administered directly by the national government (1stOrder) and not belonging to units on 2ndOrder or below.