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Mandatory locator not feasible!

Dominique LAURENT

In INSPIRE data specification, the Locator has multiplicity [1..*] and is not voidable => all addresses must have at least one Locator.

This is not achievable in France because it is not the case in the real world; in rural areas, many addresses only include postal code, name of administrative unit and possibly address area name but neither thoroughfare name, nor locator at all!


Request for change: move multiplicity of Locator from [1..*] to [0..*], in order to fit with real-world.

  • Michal MED

    I think that it is still important to keep at least one locator for each address. According to your desription it is totally achievable in France as well, if you have postal code.

    In the codelist there are some values usable for your case, such as postalDeliveryIdentifier or kilometerPoint.

  • Dominique LAURENT

    By Dominique LAURENT

    This kind of values are not really suitable just because they are not used in the real world.

    In France, the real world addresses are defined by municipalities and unfortunately, many rural municipalities have not (yet?) given any kind of locators to rural houses or other buildings.

    IGN is just providing data about addresses but we have no power to define the addresses ourselves, e.g. it's not up to us to define kilometerPoint or postalDeliveryIdentifier that would anyway be useless as unknown by the other actors (post office, cadastral office, ...).