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Are address components representing just a name or a spatial object with geometry and name?

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Dominique LAURENT

In INSPIRE data specifications, address components are defined as "names". This definition would imply for instance that 2 administrative units  or 2 address areas having the same name are considered as the same feature and so have the same identifier.

In IGN France, we haven't followed this interpretation and in opposite, we have struggled to get as much as possible unique identifier for the geometric feature (the administrative unit, the address area, the thoroughfare), i.e. we have considered that the address component is the spatial feature (with geometry) and not just the name:

- when defining transformation rules from our source data to INSPIRE model

- in the context of ELF project, when proposing rules for persistent identifiers to be used by the change detection tool IGN is developing.

  • Michal MED

    That is interesting point of view. Truth is that just a name doesn't seem enough, but some of the components already is held within INSPIRE, like administrative units. For those you have possibility of adding a link to them. For this purpose, there is association roles. Can you please be more specific on how have you added geometry (by extending schema)?

  • Dominique LAURENT

    By Dominique LAURENT

    IGN has not added any geometry to the INSPIRE AD components but we have taken this underlying  geometry into account when defining our transformation rules to provide unique INSPIRE identifiers for the address components. For instance, for ThoroughfareName, we've given different identifiers to 2 streets having the same name but being in different municipalities (within one municipality, 2 streets can't have the same name). By doing so, we have struggled to identify the spatial object (having a geometry in real world but not providing this geometry for INSPIRE), e.g. the Thoroughfare  and not just the "name", e.g. the ThoroughfareName.