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Modeling of railway stations for large scale data

In IGN France, we had many difficulties to match our source data to INSPIRE RailwayStationNode or RailwayStationArea.

The key issue is that the node representation of railway station is not relevant for large scale data, especially if there are several tracks.

See more détails in slides 17 to 22 of enclosed document.


Request for change: review modeling of railway stations for large scale data, e.g. by allowing the railway area to represent the building (and not full extend) or by allowing the railway station to be a POI located close to the network but not on it. Transformation of Railway data - IGN France

  • Håvard MOE

    In the Norwegian National Rail Administration (Jernbaneverket) we have also had issues with defining some of the features related to stations. As you point out, the INSPIRE data model isn't at all suited for large scale data presentation.

    We have built a dataset based on the INSPIRE model as is, showing only one line representing one or more tracks. This is well suited for small scale presentation, and e.g. as a "skeleton" to display nationwide or regional data through linear referencing. In addition we have plans of/a desire to create a dataset with a higher level of detail (LOD) showing each track at a large scale, and not only stations. This will be similar to our road administration's approach to road networks (except they operate with three LODs, we have two).

    I believe our Swedish colleagues are working on a similar multi-LOD approach for road and railway networks, but I'm not sure where they stand with regards to the practical implementation (the official standard is from 2009).

    If we are going to look at modeling railway (and road?) networks for large scale data, there are many other standards and initiatives this should be coordinated with.

    • There's the relatively new ISO 19147 for Transfer Nodes.
    • There's also the EU interoperability regulations to consider, particularly the implementation of Register of Infrastructure (RINF).
    • In addition we have the UIC RailTopoModel

    As I understand it, there's already established some contact between INSPIRE and UCI on this, but I'm not sure about the status of this work. Does anyone know?