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Filling the attribute MaintenanceAuthority

Dominique LAURENT
By Dominique LAURENT Replies (3)

In INSPIRE, the attribute maintenance authority is defined as CI_Citation that is quite  a complex data type; in addition, this attribute was designed more  in  metadata context to document resources, rather than for documenting road managers. For instance, it's open to discussion which is the relevant "role" .

Proposal: if not possible to adopt simpler attribute type for maintenance authority (and owner authority), at least, provide guidelines about how the "role" should be filled (in IGN France, we chose "custodian").

More détails in slides 5 to 8 of enclosed document. Transformation of Railway data - IGN France


  • Johanna Ott

    Dear Dominique,

    I am running into the same issue. Did you find any solution on how to put the relevant information in the CI_Citation object without dissent to the definitions of the attributes in there?


    All the best


  • Dominique LAURENT

    By Dominique LAURENT

    Dear Joanna,


    IGN has only very limited information about the MaintenanceAuthority as we have only its name as explicit attribute.

    In practice, we have filled only 4 sub-attributes of the CI_Citation:

    - tile: name of MaintenanceAuthority

    - date: date of the dataset version

    - citedResponsibleParty/organisationName: name of MaintenanceAuthority (under data type CI_ResponsibleParty)

    -  citedResponsibleParty/role: custodian  (under data type CI_ResponsibleParty)


    But this might be more difficult matching if you have richer information in your source data.



  • Johanna Ott

    Dear Dominique,

    thank you for your quick reply and the information. I have even less information than you have but I will try to follow a similar approach.