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Encoding a RelatedParty object in a UtililtyNetwork in GML

Wilko QUAK
By Wilko QUAK Replies (1)

Hi All,

Currently I am encoding  test dataset of a UtililtyNetwork in GML. One of the properties that must be encoded is authorityRole of type RelatedParty which has the <<dataType>> stereotype in the UML diagram. However <<dataType>> objects cannot be encodes correctly when used in an association.

In order to be able to correctly encode UtilityNetworks objects in GML the US schema needs to be fixed. First the UML and then the associated schema. Is this the right place to report bugs in the US schema and get them fixed?


Thanks in advance, Wilko Quak


  • Wilko QUAK

    Ok, I dug a bit deeper into this issue. The problem is in the UML. The attribute authorityRole of the class UtilityNetwork has a taggedvalue inlineOrByReference=byReference. However, it is not possible to make a reference to a RelatedParty because it has no identifier.

    My suggestion is to change the taggedvalue to 'inline'.

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