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example of EMF file GML?

Is it possible to have an example of gml file of EMF?

Thank you in advance






    would please me also about a link to a correspondent EF service.
    It is to be found difficultly these.

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi all,

    attached a bit more than requested, my development example from the work we've been doing on INSPIRE based reporting under the air quality directive (AQD) 2008/50/EC. The AQD data model was derived from the INSPIRE EF and AM data models, so it contains all the basic EF stuff together with the additional AQD requirements (basically if you ignore everything that starts with the aqd: namespace, you're down to INSPIRE).

    Haven't posted it to date as:

    • I haven't found the time to remove the AQD parts (but have now been kicked to share anyway ;) )
    • While the XML is syntactically correct, it is not totally semantically sound from a thematic perspective (I'm a geek, not an AQ expert ;) )

    Have fun!


    Kathi AQD Test Collection as an example EF GML file

  • Alessandro SARRETTA

    By Alessandro SARRETTA

    Thanks Kathi for this upload and for sharing this!

    I thinks it's important to see real EF-related examples, and this is interesting (and so a bit more complex) because it already mixes two INSPIRE Themes (EF and AM).

    Just to put more context on the Air Quality Directive and its realtions with INSPIRE, I list here two link to external resources maybe useful:


  • Alessandro SARRETTA

    By Alessandro SARRETTA

    Kathy and all,

    I'd like to link here the discussion "Coverage valued result type in omso:PointObservation?" started by Illkka Rinne in the O&M sub group:

    I've seen that also in your xml example the swe:DataRecord has been used for om:result

    Does this relates or answers in any way the question raised there from Illkka?

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