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INSPIRE thematic identifier in EF data model

Hi all,

We are working with WISE/WFD Monitoring sites. Having mapped these to INSPIRE EF data model (EMF), experts have noticed that INSPIRE thematic identifier attribute is essential for WISE information.

But this attribute is not present in the INSPIRE EF data model. Therefore we have to find out the possibility to be extended in the INSPIRE specifications because it is known that this attribute is already used in some others INSPIRE data models (defined in Base Types 2).

If needed in modelling, should INSPIRE thematic identifier be used or specific domain extension?


Pedro & Leire

  • Alessandro SARRETTA

    By Alessandro SARRETTA

    Dear Pedro and Leire,

    as mentioned in the description of the EF data specifications document, the EF "data  specification  provides  a  common structure  but  not  a  thematic harmonisation across domains", that has to be built in each specific domain.

    In case your community needs to extend the model with additional attributes—in this specific case using the ThematicIdentifier data type—this is allowed and in your case seems to be appropriate.

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