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An GML Example for Water Network

By Pascal FILIPPI Replies (3)

Hi all,


I try to found an exemple of a GML for the Water Network, and there is nothing on internet. May be its because as Wilko says the UML schema is not completed ?

If anyone know where i can found this exemple in GML, he can send me a message.



  • Stefania MORRONE

    By Stefania MORRONE


    the application schema for the Water Network can be used with no particular problems. The issue referred by Wilko is related to the encoding of the authorityRole element (in the UtilityNetwork feature type). 

    In the frame of the GeoSmartCity EU project we produced valid Water Network GML file, but with respect to an extended US data model.

    In the coming days I will share a sample dataset (to be extracted from a huge file we have produced).

  • Wilko QUAK

    Indeed the problem is in the the encoding of the authorityRole. If you have data without this attribute (or just do not provide it) it is perfectly possible to create a valid GML network. However I do have authorityRoles im my data and do wish to provide them. Therefore the UtilityNetworksCommon.xsd schema needs to be fixed: the current type of authorityRole is gml:ReferenceType however since RelatedParty is not an identifyable object (but a <<dataType>>) you cannot make a reference to it in a GML document.  THis is what needs to be fixed.There are two possible solutions (1) Make RelatedParty identifyable (2) embed the RelatedParty in the UtilityNetwork.  In the current schema it is just impossible to provide an authorityRole.

    Best wishes, Wilko Quak

    Ps. For your information, we are working on underground network model for the Netherlands (Electricity,Gas,Sewers etc.) and the authorityRole is needed encode which party is responsible for which underground network. If interested I have sample data with ane extended US GML Schema.



    While I am not an Inspire expert, and thus unable to answer precisely to your question, I would like to mention the standardisation exercise conducted by French authorities for water and wastewater networks and the last version publically available for consultation and comment until end of August at the following link that you may find interesting (only in French, on the website of the french Ministry of environment: COVADIS is in charge of Inspire implementation and coordination in France, and Sandre is the entity in charge of water language, and managed by Office International de l'Eau, an NGO for which I work)

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