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crossTheme utility network type missing

Wilko QUAK
By Wilko QUAK Replies (2)

In the data specification of Utility and Government Services (INSPIRE_DataSpecification_US_v3.0) it is mentioned that ducts and pipes that contain cables of various types could be labelled with the 'crossTheme' network type. However in the code list register with allowed values for UtilityNetworkType the value 'crossTheme' is not found.

Should the value be added to the codelist register?

Wilko Quak

  • Wilko QUAK

    My suggestion is to add the 'crossTheme' value to the UtilityNetworkType code list.

  • Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    By Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    The following corrigendum has been proposed: Add the 'crossTheme' value to the UtilityNetworkType code list.

    Label: crossTheme

    Definition: Utility networks sharing various types of thematic entities.


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