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Schematron library


Another piece of the schematron library enabling the implementation of Executable Test Suites for the validation of INSPIRE datasets has been created in the frame of the eENVplus project.

This work has been carried out coherently with an activity proposed within the MIG Working Group 5 Validation and Conformity, consisting in the proposal to build a schematron library exploiting the competences in and the collaborative environment of the Thematic Clusters.

After the schematron file for PS (, the schematron file for Land Cover vector application schema v4.0 has been produced.

It can be used on-line by means of the eENVplus Validation Service.

The schematron file is being also tested in the frame of the EAGLE project.

Your feedback is more than welcome and your contribution to reuse this work in this as well as in other data themes is warmly encouraged.

Land Cover & Use

Land Cover & Use

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