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Road barrier and Accessrestriction physicallyImpossible - how to consider moveable obstacles?

In Swedish Transport Administration (STA) we are not sure how to consider access restricted by road barriers of the kind that are sometimes open and sometimes closed. The barrier in case could be a bar, a gate or some other moveable obstruction whose purpose is to prohibit traffic on a road. Are these still to be considered as physicallyImpossible or is there a need to extend the codelist with a value that indicates that the barrier is not always a real obstacle? I mean, it's not impossible to access a road with that kind of barrier. Any thoughts about that?

  • Josué Díaz Jiménez

    By Josué Díaz Jiménez

    From my point of view, a restriction shouldn't be continous in time. So it is ok consider a road restricted if its restriction change with the season or the circumstances as is stated in the code list, however shoudn't apply if the restriction happens a couple of days a years for random porpuses. As stated in the codelist, access restriction doesn't mean to be all the time restricted, so I think the point of discussion should be here the code list itself as you pointed. The important think in fact could be the reason who moves to restrict the road (seasonal, toll, legal..), which you didn't mention for your roads, however sometimes could be not consider i.e when is stated "physically impossible". "Physically impossible" could apply here but as you say could be not enough and we have to consider if is "temporary variable", subjected to "weather conditions", subjected to "traffic flow"...the reason affecting could give you the key.