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Default style for representing Elevation grid coverages

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The default style for the portrayal of Elevation grid coverages, i.e. the 'EL.GridCoverage.Default' style defined in the EL Technical Guidelines v3.0 - Section 11.2.6 - Page 130, represents a Grid Coverage symbolizing it by means of a coloured raster symbolizer in SLD (with values in meters).







      <se:RasterSymbolizer version="1.1.0">


            <se:Title>GridCoverage Default Style</se:Title>

            <se:Abstract> Grid Coverage is symbolized by a coloured raster symbolizer (values in meters).</se:Abstract>





            <se:Categorize fallbackValue="#78c818">















































As stated in a note in the TG, the use of a common style assigning colours to fixed value ranges (with fixed thresholds) may introduce problems when visualizing data sets from different data providers, since their corresponding range set values may differ substantially (e.g. different elevation ranges, covering terrestrial elevation or bathymetry, different levels of detail).

This is recognized as an open issue.

Are you aware of any known solution? e.g. a way to provide a customizable / on-the-fly raster symbolizer in SLD, adapted to a specific data set or group of data sets?

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear All,

    Given the number of reactions in the discussion topic, I try to explain the issue again - Just in case my text was not understood:

    - The raster symbolizer in which the default style is based has a fixed range of values.

    - The style might not properly visualize elevation data for large scales, where the spatial extent of the territory appearing on the screen is relatively small (i.e. only few elevation thresholds / different colours appearing on the screen).

    - Does it make sense to think about a style with a variable raster symbolizer e.g. depending on the scale of visualization?

    Please, let me know your valuable opinion by the 5th September.

    Otherwise I will conclude that the topic is not perceived as an issue and will proceed to close this discussion.


  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear All,

    As announced days ago, i proceed to close this discussion topic.

    If anyone is interested in discussing about it, please send me a message through the platform.


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