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Parallel administrative systems

Anders RYDÉN
By Anders RYDÉN Replies (1)

Sweden is currently reviewing the part of the national INSPIRE-legislation that pinpoints organisations responsible for different datasets within the scope of the different INSPIRE themes.

During the discussions, we have encountered the issue of possible parallel administrative systems in the theme AU. There is the “official” administrative system whereby Sweden is subdivided into smaller units (regions, municipalities). There is also a system administered by the Sami people cutting across the official system. The Sami system is administered by the Sami Parliament which is both a publically-elected parliament and a State agency. The tasks of the Parliament are regulated by the Swedish Sami Parliament Act.

The question is: does parallel administrative systems exist in other countries in the European Union, as it does in some countries outside the European Union? If so, how is this handled, as two datasets for administrative boundaries – one for each administrative system?

  • Dominique LAURENT

    By Dominique LAURENT

     I remember that, during an INSPIRE KEN meeting, someone from Netherlands explained there are  also 2 kinds of administrative systems:

    - "normal" administrative one

    - one related to water administration

    For INSPIRE, there are different responsible bodies to supply the related data.