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MF : SO2 Emissions from ships

Hi EF / O&M Community,

This a discussion in the Marine /  Atmosphere cluster posted by EMSA about SO2 emissions from ships and in particular modelling the relationship between the

  • the ship and its trajectory
  • the SO2 emission themselves from the ship
  • the fixed or mobile instrument measuring the emissions

As this is more about EF I have cross-posted it.

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT


    to my view, both the ship as well as it's explicit emissions are MF or the like.

    however, everything to do with the measurement of SO2 (so the immisions the emissions are calculated from) goes into EF

    To slightly paraphrase the parallel thread in MF, to my understanding, the following should go to EF:

    1. The structure of the data related to the SO2 Immissions (note the change from e to i)
    2. The relationships in the observation process (sensor, ship, ship position, SO2 emission etc)

    Hope this helps




  • Alessandro SARRETTA

    By Alessandro SARRETTA


    given the additional clarification provided by Gianluca in the other discussion

    The measuring station is not the ship itself, it is either a fixed station on the coast or a UAV (drone), which is measuring a plume whose SO2 concentration is the result of the burning of the fuel on-board the ship.

    I'm thinking that what should go in INSPIRE (EF and/or AC-MF) doesn't related really with the ship and it's trajectory, but only with the fixed or mobile sensors measuring the SO2.

    The existing (or not) relation between the measured values and it's source it's probably part of another story that has to be justified by models or other means.

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