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INSPIRE-GE Data Model Implementation in Portuguese Geological Survey (LNEG)


In LNEG we are trying to implement the INSPIRE-GE data model but there are some questions that I would like to discuss with somebody who has already implement it. I share with the group one of those questions hoping for any reply. 

LNEG should harmonize 4 datasets at different scales made of map sheets :

  • 26 map sheets from the Digital Geological Map of Portugal, scale 1:50 000;
  • 4 map sheets from Digital Geological Map of Portugal, scale 1:200 000;
  • 2 map sheets from Geological Map of Portugal, scale 1:500 000;
  • 1 map sheet from the Geological Map of Portugal, scale 1:1000 000

I think it's better to have 4 INSPIRE-GE models serving the INSPIRE network services one for each scale of map production.

Any better idea will be very much appreciate. Thank you.

Aurete Pereira


  • Irene ZANANIRI

    By Irene ZANANIRI

    Dear Aurete,

    This is Irene from the Institute of Geology & Mineral Exploration (IGME) of Greece. We have had some experience in data harmonization according to the 1GE+ guidelines. We faced a different problem since we had a digital dataset in scale 1:50 000 and from that we wanted to create the 1M harmonized map. So what we did was to harmonize the lithology codelist in scale 1:50K and then using the harmonized terms by means of generalization made it to the 1M.

    In your case I think it is much more straightforward since you have several distinct datasets and to my opinion it is better to have 4 different models since in each scale a different level of the hierarchy charts can be implemented. I hope this helps.

    Best regards,

    Irene Zananiri

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