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Harmonize the CRS used in the “srsName” parameter for different GMLCOV file components

Several of the components within a GMLCOV file allow the definition of a “srsName” parameter, e.g. 'gml:BoundedBy', 'el-cov:domainExtent', some components in the 'gml:domainSet', coverage values provided in the 'gml:rangeSet'.

These parameters could have a different value in each case.

For the sake of interoperability, it would be nice to add a recommendation to the TGs, in order to use only one CRS to inform such components of a coverage - It shall be - of course - one of the CRS allowed in INSPIRE for data provision.

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    This questions was raised during the Follow-up webinar on coverage data and services, celebrated on 18th January 2016.

    As highlighted during the webinar, it does not make sense to harmonize the CRS used / informed under different GMLCOV file components.

    OGC coverages offer a simple, powerful (n-Dimensional) way of handling space/time coordinates - Examples:

    • boundedBy – Property from GML. It is optional and it may be approximate. Different CRS may be used in this component.
    • domainSet – Mandatory, authoritative component of a OGC coverage. The native CRS of coverage shall be informed here.
    • domainExtent - Attribute included in the INSPIRE models for coverages (at least for Elevation and Orthoimagery). In case of being implemented in INSPIRE coverages, different CRS may be used in this component.

    Hence, the use of multiple "srsName" parameters within a GMLCOV file does not constitute an issue.

    I proceed then to close this discussion topic.


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