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JRC codelists registry – would the option to extend this be useful to the Soil Community?

By Einar EBERHARDT Replies (2)

The soil data specification has several codelists. To date JRC has set up a registry with the codelists and codes defined in the data specifications, but at this point the registry does not incorporate extensions.

So we want to ask the soil community!,

If JRC were to agree to accept extensions to the parameter name lists of the soil objects in the registry -

  1. Would you use this list (now or in the future)?
  2. Would this help you implement the data specification? 
  3. Would this benefit you?
  4. Would this benefit the work of the community?
  5.  Which entries (parameter names) would you need? (e.g. see the Swedish example in our group files: SGU_SoilDerivedObjectParameterNameValue_additions)

Answers to these questions, or any other thoughts on this idea gratefully received.

  • Amelia BAPTIE

    To take this proposal to JRC it would be useful to back it up with feedback from the community. Please let us know if this proposal would – or would not! – be useful to you. Any feedback much appreciated….

  • Tomas LINDBERG

    By Tomas LINDBERG

    It is clear that we need to be able to add more parameter names to deliver for example geochemical data. Simply adding parameter names (as for example the ones we gave examples of in the excel sheet) is one way of doing it but maybe not the the optimal way in the long run. If there are other existing registers that could be used in the Inspire context maybe that would be to prefer.

    There is a work package in the MIG program that I understand is dealing with this issue, so contact could be made with them to find out what the current status is, they may also be grateful for some real examples from the clusters.

    MIWP-6: Registries and registers

    An example of existing registers that maybe could be used is registers hosted by EIONET, for example


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