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registry of Locales still missing?

Dominique LAURENT
By Dominique LAURENT Replies (2)

In INSPIRE application schemas, there are several attributes that are LocalisedCharacterString (e.g. localType in GN or HY).

To fill this atribute, we should give the value  itself and a reference to a registry of Locales. A European registry of locales would be required but unfortunately it did not exist (yet?) when we launched the transformations. We had to make the reference to a home-made registry that is rather riduculous as there is only one language in it (French).

When a European registry of locales ?


  • Michael LUTZ

    Hi Dominique,

    so far the requirement for a locale register has not been indicated as a high priority. I think it would not be difficult to add to the INSPIRE registry. But I would like to make sure that this is not duplicating / going against common practices for specifying the locale for XML data (outside the GI domain).

    Could e.g. the IANA language sub-tag registry (see and, which defines tags such as de-AT or fr, be used? I understand that the notion of locale includes character set in addition to language and country. But the character set should be known (e.g. through the metadata) already at file level, so it could be ignored at the attribute level.

  • Peter PARSLOW

    I support Michael's idea, which would effectively replace INSPIRE's use of gmd:LocalisedCharacterString with GML 3.3's gmlxbt:LanguageStringType - just a string with xs:lang.

    That would be much more usable.

    But presumably whoever chose for GN (& HY), and before that in ISO 19139 to use PT_Locale had a reason for it? Some places where the language varies by country (in ways that IANA language subtags don't support) or by script? Perhaps those reasons are no longer valid. Or perhaps it was simply adopting an externally standardised type.

    This was to be on of the suggestions from MIWP 11.