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Statistical units implementation examples

What kinds of statistical unit datasets does your organization publish as INSPIRE services?

Are there datasets/services for:
- units defined on european level (NUTS)?
- units below LAU2 level?
- statistical grids?

- other reporting areas?

What are the data formats? (GML, SHP, ...)

Are the datasets compliant with the data specifications?

Have you experienced any issues in the harmonization process?


Central Statistical Office of Poland as of now publishes as SU:

1.) The Nomenclature of Territorial units for Statistics (NTS) comprising of 5 levels: 3 NUTS levels and 2 LAU levels. The boundaries are updated yearly according to yearly changes in the territorial division of the country.

NTS yearly datasets are published both in GML and SHP. Each dataset consists of 5 parts with geometries on each NTS level:
- NTS1 (= NUTS1),
- NTS2 (= NUTS2),
- NTS3 (= NUTS3),
- NTS4 (= LAU1),
- NTS5 (= LAU2).

2.) Statistical regions and census enumeration areas (BREC) - sub LAU2 units updated yearly according to population counts and changes in cadastral division.

BREC yearly datasets are published in both GML and SHP.

Due to GML file size limitation (for the file to remain readable and processable) the dataset consists of 379 parts - one for each NTS4 (= LAU1) unit.

The SHP version of the dataset consists of two parts - one with geometries of statistical regions, the other with geometries of census enumeration areas.

All SU data in GML is compliant with the SU Data Specification v3.0.

Statistics & Health

Statistics & Health

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