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Human health and safety implementation examples

What kinds of human health and safety datasets does your organization publish as INSPIRE services?

What kinds of geometries (reporting units) does the data refer to?

What are the data formats? (GML, SHP, ...)

Are the datasets compliant with the data specifications?

Have you experienced any issues in the harmonization process?


    We would like to implement the HH data specifications on our modelled noise maps; these maps are created by using noise propagation models, and the model output consists of raster images with a horizontal resolution of 10x10m, with a specific noise level value for each raster grid cell (expressed in decibells, dB). These are subsequently simplified by calculating iso-lines.

    • Geometry: noise level iso-lines (contours) with 5dB intervals; these are converted to polygons in which an equal range of noise levels is applicable (e.g. 55dB-60dB)
    • Data format: SHP
    • I don't think that the dataset is compliant with the specifications, for instance, the coordinate system is still the old Belgian reference system.
    • A lot of issues:
      • it is not clear how to construct a data model based on the HH data specifications: our noise maps are model output; however, in the component "environmental health determinants" only measurements are considered!
      • it is not clear how the spatial objects should be defined. it is anyway not possible to aggregate the data to statistical units, because the primary objective is to provide spatial information (which then would be lost). The spatial objects should be defined by the iso-lines (noise contours) itself!
  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    I'm not a noise expert, and tried to get something more Observation&Measurements-like here (would cover the complaint above about not enough support for modelled data). But, making the best of the current situation, I still have quite a few problems with both the HH Noise model as well as its transposition to XSD:

    First problem: semantically it doesn't make sense to include the NoiseSourceType in the UnitOfMeasure (UoM). The highest level to my view would be as an attribute in the NoiseMeasure Type

    Second Problem: as the UoM is transposed to XSD as an attribute instead of an element, the NoiseSourceType never made it to the schema (so while we've gotten rid of the semantic problem above, we've also gotten rid of the NoiseSourceType)

    If we could somehow reintroduce the NoiseSourceType to the transposed data model, we might end up with xml as in the example attached. Would this work from the noise point of view?



    Example Noise GML file





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